What Should You Do When Your Garage Door Is Not Working

Every garage door has a set of attachments functioning on a complex mechanism to give to problem free accessibility every time. The attachments are hard to understand if you do not have a repairing experience or some knowledge about the individual parts and their working techniques. Following are some circumstances, when you know that it is the time to call a professional service provider for garage door repair San Mateo. 

Dysfunctional Photo Eye

The modern garage doors are safer than the traditional ones. Today the photo eye mechanism attached to the doors ensures that it does not fall all of a sudden when there is an object in its way. The photo eye is a small device attached on either sides of the door with glass camera lenses pointing to each other. Each of them releases an invisible beam reaching out to the other. If the alignment of these devices is not in a correct position, your door will not close. When the door is in an open position in a situation like this, do not tamper the parts, call the garage door service authorities immediately.

Problems with the Track Alignment

This is the most common problem with old garage doors. With gradual ageing, the door sides are worn out and there may be deposition of silt and debris on the door track. There may be bents on the rails, there may be rubbing noise etc. You should not ignore these signs as it can be hazardous and life threatening too. Check for the door alignment periodically and inform the service provider whenever you notice a problem.

Broken Safety Cables or Door Springs

The most intense problem with life threatening consequences can occur if your door springs are broken. The door can fall all of a sudden or even become entirely dysfunctional. Do not wait for the mishap, make some early attempts and call the garage door repair San Mateo if you notice any noise or cracks on the cables or springs. It is best to replace them early to avoid threat.

Care Measures to Keep Your Door in Proper Condition

Clean the photo eye lenses with a permissible cleaner solution and cotton cloth to remove any deposition blocking the rays.
Lubricate the door parts periodically as per the instructions of the service provider. You can also call the service provider for regular maintenance services. This assures safety and prevents bulk repairing work upon damage.
Check the transmitter batteries and replace them when they are out of service.
Check and change the pressure adjustment settings as per seasonal requirements to avoid door freezing.

Some Parting Words,

The garage door parts are extremely dangerous especially the door springs. Never touch these parts unless you have experience of handling these things. During the installation, the San Mateo garage door repair professionals generally guide the homeowners on regular monitoring of the cables and chipped spring parts. If you notice any small crack or blockage when opening or closing the garage door, call the service provider without any delay. Do not touch the door parts or use it further.

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