Garage Door Check List and Safety Tips Everyone Should Follow

Do you conduct an annual checking and professional maintenance of your garage door? If not herein is a checklist to follow to ensure your garage door and accessories are safe condition. When you notice one or more problems with any of the following parts, it is the time to contact a reliable agency for garage door repair Foster City.  

Seamless Door Sliding

A newly installed garage door moves up and down smoothly without any problems. This means everything is in fine condition with accurate functioning. The problems with improper movement of the door can occur due to the out of balance springs, misalignment of the door track etc. Often wearing out of the door hardware can be a crucial problem and pose danger. You should manually open and close the door at least once a month to see if everything is working fine. The Foster City garage door repair experts advise the homeowners to avoid manipulating the spring parts and safety cables.

Noisy and Broken Springs

The springs can start producing noise over the period of constant usage due to the lack of regular lubrication. This means they are under constant friction and will wear out quickly. Your garage door repair service provider can guide you on DIY lubrication process. Start lubricating your springs from the very beginning to ensure greater durability of the spring material. If there is a persistent noise even after the lubrication, there may be cracks or faulty functioning issues. Watch out for the spring hardware carefully without touching any part. If there is a problem contact your service provider. 

Safety Bottom Brackets and Cables

The garage door springs are always under tension and attached to the bottom brackets. It is always advisable you contact a highly experienced service provider for the installation and maintenance of the springs and safety cables. The bottom brackets should be tight fixed to keep the springs intact so that they do not come out all of a sudden. Do not touch these brackets. If they seem to be loose or chipped out, stop operating the door and call the garage door service provider.

Door Reverse Movement Feature

The modern garage doors have the reverse door movement feature that allows safety when some object or person comes in way when the door is closing. This is crucial to secure your costly vehicles and family members. The functioning can go out of order due to lack of regular maintenance. You can periodically place a block or box on floor and check the reverse movement of the door after touching the box. If this does not happen, call the nearest garage door repair Foster City Company to resolve the problem.

Professional Annual Inspection- Highly Recommended

The safety of the family members, vehicles and the belongings in the garage is always a prime concern. Always ensure to pay attention to the above checklist at least once in month. Annual professional garage door service for inspection of the door parts, periodical lubrication and maintenance work can save you from expensive replacements, threatening accidents and repair work.

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The spring on our garage door broke and garage door repair Foster City came the same day. They quoted me the lowest price from another two other companies that iv'e called. They provided excellent garage door repair service, And the price was exactly as what i was quoted over the phone. If you have a problem with your garage door then call Garage door repair Foster City