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Like some other parts of complex machineries, the garage door units at home also need time to time maintenance services that can ensure its lifelong operations. A garage door unit comprises of more than 300 unique moving parts and they work in synchronism to allow proper movements of whole unit. If you are new to the world of garage door unit and wish to install a garage unit at your new construction then it is good to make selection very carefully. There are few specialists available at Garage Door Repair Fairfax that can help you to make proper decisions so that your investment can return you best results.
20 point safety test:
When some technicians come to your place and they visit your door unit for some kind of specific repair issue or any maintenance related need then they often ensure a 20 point safety check-up. This 20 point test for Garage Door Service includes inspection of track, hardware, safety release, sensors, springs, panels and few other important parts. It will help these techniques to ensure that everything is working fine and the repair work has been completed accurately. It also assists in recognition of some major issue that is related to troubleshooting so that working mechanism can be brought to normal position. If your garage door unit is facing some trouble in its operation then we advise you to call experts from Garage Door Repair Fairfax to run a 20 point security check.
There is no doubt to say that garage door units possess complex circuitries and numerous delicate parts that are difficult to handle for an untrained professional. If you are not able to operate your door unit properly then there is no need to mess with its construction because it may be harmful for you rather let some experts deal with its problems. Never ever try do it yourself repair procedures on garage doors because they are not standardised procedures and also do not include details about do’s and don’ts that are necessary to follow while dealing with complex circuitries of garage doors. Before it can cause any harm to any member of your family or your vehicle it is good to book your appointment at Fairfax Garage Door Repair and let them manage all the safety issues with proper care.
The general tune ups offered by professionals for garage door units are:
It diagnostic inspections that focus on door sections, weather seals, rollers, hinges, counter balance system, tracks etc.
Tightening and careful inspection of all screws and bolts.
Rebalancing of doors as per need and adjustment of torsion springs.
Examination and adjustment of garage door safety settings as per need.
Lubrication of openers, chains and sprocket.
Testing the force and pressure of openers and springs to ensure that garage door can move properly.
Checking of electronic eye that is aligned on your door unit.
Replacement of faulty components that can otherwise lead to harmful situations.

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One of the garage door springs broke. Called around to inquire about pricing. Garage door repair san francisco gave me the best quote and so i told them to come over to replace my broken garage door spring. It turns out that when you replace one spring you have to replace both so i went a head and told them to replace both springs. The technician was very professional and replaced both springs within the hour. The price was what we agreed upon and overall i had a great experience with this company !