Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is a vital part of your garage door which is responsible for opening or closing the door. When the door to your garage fails to open or close normally or when it opens with a loud noise, chances are high that your opener needs a replacement. One needs to keep in mind that the opener is an extremely complicated device and if you don’t have prior experiences with garage doors you should keep away from replacing it on your own. What you can do is give your local garage door repair agents a call and they would take charge of the entire process of garage door opener replacement or repair.

Garage door openers which made its appearance in the market in the 1920’s have now become a staple in most American garages. A good garage door opener can be expected to last a few decades without a hitch. But for that end you need annual tune ups and maintenance of your garage door. Chamberlain and Liftmaster are some of the most well known names in the field of garage door openers. One can easily get to buy them from the online stores or from any retail hardware store.

While ½ hp motor openers are suitable for normal garage doors with aluminum section, you will need a ¾ hp motor for lifting a wooden door weighing up to 550 pounds. All garage door openers can easily open a standard door measuring 7 feet. In case your garage door measures more than 7 feet then you need to buy yourself an extension kit.

The best opener for your garage door is one which would seamless integrate with the automation systems of your house and come with a timer so that your door closes automatically as you leave the garage. Moreover the best brands also come with a backup source of power so that you never get stranded in case of a power cut. Some makers of garage door openers would make the job even easier for you by proving you with the option of multiple remotes and keyless entry. Moreover a good garage door opener needs to be backed with a lifetime warranty on its belt, motor or chain. Once you have made your selection and finally decided to install it by yourself there are still a few things which you need to keep in mind.

Firstly you need to read all the instructions carefully before you start installing it. This way you would save a lot of unwanted trouble. Secondly you need to find all the right tools which you are going to need during the process of installation. Since the machine is meant to last for decades you need to make sure to install it properly with the correct tools. Next you need to get hold of a person who is going to help you with the entire process. Replacing your garage door opener is a complicated process which needs more than one person. Lastly it is suggested that you watch a few instructional videos on garage door opener replacement on YouTube before you go about your task.